The MARLON Xplore II SXS Deck is made to haul your SXS or ATV safely on the road without needing a trailer, while allowing you to tow a camper or trailer behind your rig! This deck fits beds from 6’2” to 8”, and can carry a machine up to 76” wide and 120” in length. With the optional extension this bad boy can handle a SXS up to 165” in length safely and securely. Loading is made easy with the two stowable ramps and positive front stops, which provide a great feeling of where to stop the machine. The deck bolts securely to the truck, and provides a stable platform to safely transport you toys. There is a plate at the front with a pull point to attach your machines winch cable, or you can mount an electric winch to the plate ( the plate can easily accommodate a Warrior 3500 xt winch).


SMART Features

-Carry a 2 or 4 door SXS and haul a trailer.

-Fits machines up to 76” wide and 120” long.

-Optional extension allows you to carry a 165” machine.

-Adjustable legs (fits a 6’2” – 8’ bed).

-All stainless hardware.

SAFE  Features

-Both FEA computer stress analysis and field testing conducted.

-Side bars for loading safety.

-10’ ramps provide a safe loading angle.

-Side steps allow you to safely dismount from the deck.

-Secure winch mounting plate.

-Bolt on front cradle, and a positive front parking position.

SECURE Features

-Tire tie down kit to secure tires.

-Bolts onto truck.