MARLON Single Loaders

The MARLON Single Loader is designed to eliminate the hassle and headache associated with loading and transporting a snowmobile or ATV in the bed of your truck. Anybody who has tried to load a sled into the truck to go out for a day of riding knows the hassle. No more finding a friend to lift the heavy machine into the bed, or looking for a snow bank to unload. No more homemade ramps breaking or shifting during loading!

The MARLON single loader is designed to allow one person to load and unload a snowmobile or ATV into the bed of a truck with ease! Simply position the ramp on the tailgate of the truck, drive the sled onto the ramp, and lift the rear end up. The integrated positive stops prevent the ramp from shifting while loading, and the 500 lb capacity caster wheels roll the ramp into the bed with ease once loaded.


-Carries one sled or ATV.

-One person loading and unloading.

- 48” x 120” frame fits nearly any standard truck bed.

- Each caster wheel is rated to 500 lbs and features smooth sealed roller bearings.

-Positive stops on both sides provide a secure footing when loading and unloading machines.

- Loading indicator tab helps line sled or ATV up with front of ramp.

- Two rows of superglides, and supertrac crossbar protectors for traction.

- Unique cantilever design makes one handed lifting possible.