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Smart, Safe & Secure are three words used to describe the rugged and versatile MARLON XPLORE PRO II Truck Deck.

The MARLON Xplore PRO II Truck Deck is the cutting edge in the truck deck market, making it incredibly convenient to load, unload, and transport up to two sleds. These PRO-model decks come fully loaded with all of the premium features that can be fit into them! All- aluminum decking, superglides, front and rear superclamps, as well as 4 movable and 3 fixed tie down points. The extruded aluminum sides provide an easy grip for extending the expandable sides, as well as housing all of the wiring for the bullet-style LED Lights. The integrated headache rack has LED lights as well, and the Loading bar on the rear of the deck has an incredibly visible light bar that provides both running and reverse lights.

SMART features:

The XPLORE PRO II Truck Deck is designed to maximize the ease and convenience of loading and unloading your sled or ATV with:

-Telescopic ramps: These ramps come in 8.5’, 10’, and 12’. There is also a 2’ optional extension. These ramps feature superglides on the left and right, and supertrac crossbar protectors in areas where the sled track may contact the ramp. The ramp stores underneath the deck in a built in cradle when not in use, and attaches securely to the decks loading bar using locking hooks to prevent it from moving during the loading and unloading process.

-All-aluminum decking with superglides mounted in three convenient loading positions allow for you to load 2 sleds or go out with just one.

-Multiple tie down points allow you to secure several items, making the deck useful for more than just moving your sleds or ATV. Included front and rear superclamps make securing your snowmobiles a breeze.

-All LED lighting not only looks good, but is also incredibly bright and visible. LED lights also eliminate the hassle of changing light bulbs every couple of seasons.


SAFE features:

The MARLON Xplore PRO II Truck Deck is packed with safety features, making it a smart choice.

- These decks were designed using FEA Computerized stress analysis during the entire engineering process.

- Rear LED Light bar provides running lights, turn signals, brake lights, and a bright reverse light.

- Superglides in 3 loading positions and on ramp provide traction for footwear, and helps the skis to track and load straight, increasing safety during the entire loading process.

-Multiple tie downs allow for secure transportation of your vehicles.

SECURE features

The MARLON Xplore PRO II Truck Deck is designed to help keep your vehicle secure when you are out on your adventure.

-Superclamp tie downs in both the front and rear allow you to lock the tie downs for security.

-The truck deck can be bolted to the bed of your truck.

-Helps to secure the bed of the truck if coupled with a locking tailgate.


These options are designed to help you customize your adventure:

-SXS and ATV risers: Allows you to load and transport a SXS up to 120” in length.

-SXS and ATV riser extension: Extends the SXS riser to accommodate a machine up to 165”.

- 2’ Deck extension: Extends the deck an additional 24”, with an embedded LED Light bar.

- 2’  ramp extension: Lowers the ramp angle by extending it an additional 24”.